Hi-ya HEAT familia! It's Lil Sarah, and I've got another HEAT W.O.W. for you all! We are working the entire body, and we are looking to work on building explosiveness. Your muscles may get a little tired after this, not gonna lie. I know you all can do this though!

What you need: DB (dumbbells), a Dynamax ball or sandbell and a mat.

How Long: 45-60 minutes depending on how long you need to rest in between.

Warmin' it up! - Work with this warmup for 8 minutes. Get in as many rounds as you can in that amount of time. If you haven't finished at the end of 8 min, go ahead and complete a full round of everything.

100 high knees / 100 butt kickers

30 squats

100 jumping jacks / 100 jump rope

30 push-ups

100 bicycles / 100 giant flutter kicks

30 v-ups

Workin' it out! - There will be two drills listed at each station. The 1st drill is done for 10 heavy reps. The 2nd drill is light and explosive. Perform this one for 30 seconds as fast as you can, then go right into another heavy set of 10 of that first drill. Try to go straight from that first set of 10 into the 30 second set, and right into that second set of 10. Take a 1-2 minute break and then repeat. We're doing four sets this week, so sit down and have a talk with your body before you start...(;

Let's get it!!!

DB squats / squat jumps (Do box jumps if you want to turn up the intensity a bit.)

DB leg extensions (Lying on your back with your hands underneath your glutes, take a light DB in between your feet. Start with your knees tucked and slowly extend your leg out. Take them as low as you can, keeping your low back flat on the ground. If your back leaves the ground, drop the weight.) / V-ups

DB chest press push-up jacks (Start in the standard push-up position. Hop your hands and feet wide and perform a push-up. Now hop hands and feet back to the starting position, and back out and do a push-up. If you drop the knees for the push-up, don't hop the feet.)

DB thruster Dynamax ball or sandbell slams