Hey there HEAT family! It's Lil Sarah here with your HEAT W.O.W.! This week we're working with more basic movements, just getting in a lot of reps. You won't ever do more than 10 reps at a time though, so challenge yourself with some nice, heavy dumbbells.

All you'll need: You, your favorite weight in DB (dumbbells), and maybe a mat. (;

How long do ya need: Plan for about 35-45 minutes

The warmup: The main workout is going to be more basic movements, so we'll stick to that for the warmup. Get in 25 reps of each exercise listed.

Jumping jacks

Lunges (each side)

Inchworm with a push-up

Squat jumps

Leg raises (lying on your back)

The workout: This workout is going to be a 10 - 1 workout. Go through and do 10 reps of each exercise, then 9 of each, then 8...all the way down to one. Choose a weight for your 10 rep max. After you make it down to 5 reps of each, you can use heavier weights for an added challenge. This is a lot of reps, so stay focused on your form as you start to fatigue. Don't sacrifice form for speed. Your goal is to take as little rest as possible, but if your form is breaking, you need a little more rest than you've taking.

Chest press w/ a crunch (perform the crunch when you have pressed the weights up, away from the chest)

DB squat jumps (hold one DB in each hand)

Weighted straight leg sit-ups (hold one DB close to the chest)

DB thruster