Happy Hump Day peeps! It's Lil Sarah here with the HEAT workout of the week! Grab some heavy dumbbells, and go mind over matter.

We will work the total body today, but we'll be focusing on a major muscle group for several rounds, and then moving on to the next. What that means is your muscles are going to get tired during this workout, so just remember that they'll get a rest during the next set. It's a mental stamina challenge as well this week!

What you'll need: Heavy DB (dumbbells), and you might want a mat.

How long: 30-40 minutes depending on your pace, and how much rest you need in between sets.

Warm it up!: 20 reps of each exercise



Squat jumps

Jump lunges



DB push press


The workout: The first exercise listed is going to be done for 12 reps (each side if applicable), with a challenging weight of DB. The second exercise will be done immediately after the first, for 24 reps (each side if applicable), and as fast as you can get them in, so much lighter weight. Do two sets of the first pair, then move immediately into two sets of the second pair. Rest 1-2 minutes in between major muscle groups.


DB curtsy lunges / skater lunges

DB dead lifts / knee tuck jumps

Arms & chest:

DB chest press / plank up/downs

DB shoulder press / press jacks (w/ 1 DB, press up and extend arms when you hop your feet out, bring the weight back down to chest level when you hop your feet in.)


Weighted Russian twists / bicycle crunches

Weighted V-ups / toe touches (lying on your back, arms and legs straight up, crunch up and reach towards your feet. let your shoulders come all the way back down to the ground in between.)