Oh hey HEAT fam! It's Lil Sarah here, and I've got a workout for you all this week! We'll still be hitting up total body, with plenty of focus on that booty, via LUNGES. 


What you'll need: DB (dumbbells), something to step up onto (box, bench, or stairs, if you don't have that, no worries), and a mat.

How long: Under 30 minutes!

The warmup: Perform 20 reps of each drill

Alternating rear lunges

1:1 bicep curl to front raise

Alternating lateral (side) lunges

Weighted Russian twists (ea side)

Jump lunges (ea side)

DB press jacks (You can use 1 or 2 DB.)

The workout: Perform these drills for 45 seconds on the right leg, then 45 seconds on the left. Go through two full rounds like that. Keep in mind that 45 seconds is a decently long set when you choose your DB weight. We'll be working biceps and shoulders, which are a much smaller muscle group, so you may want to opt some a little lighter weights, two rounds on each leg comes to four full rounds for the other muscles.

Rotating front lunge (With one weight in both hands, rotate towards the front leg at the bottom of the lunge.)

Weighted lateral lunge (Hold one DB, racked shoulder height, on the opposite side of the leg you are stepping out with. The DB is held in your left hand, with the elbow bent and close to the body, as you step out with the right leg into a lateral lunge.)

Rear lunge into step up with OH press (Standing on the floor in front of a box or step and holding two DB at your sides, that you can press overhead, step back into a lunge with your right foot. Take that right foot and step up onto the box or step. Bring your left foot up as well and press the DB overhead.

Lunge hop with a static curl (Step back into a lunge with your left foot, your feet will stay in this position. Holding DB with palms up, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, and hold them there. Your arms will stay in this half curl position. Now you are going to hop, so that both feet leave the ground, and you stay in a low lunge. Love the burn on this one!)

Side plank with a punch through (We'll give the legs a break on this one. Same timing as with the lunges. From your right side plank, punch underneath the right should with your left hand. Let your left shoulder dip down towards the ground as you do this. You should be working your right obliques.)