Hello, and happy hump day to ya folks! I'm Lil Sarah, and I am going to help you sweat out the long weekend! 3-day weekends are great, but you gotta make sure to hit it hard when they end. Don't give yourself too many days off so you stay in the summer shape you've worked so hard for.


This week, we'll alternate between doing sets of heavier drills and higher intensity/lighter drills. This is going to really burn some calories!

What you'll need: DB and mat.

How long: 45-55 min

Warm it up: We are going to get in 12 reps of each of the first 2 drills listed, then 24 reps of the third. Two sets of everything. Choose a moderate weight to warmup with, we'll get heavier during the workout. 

DB squats, Renegade row (2 rows/1 push-up = 1 rep), DB press jacks

DB rear lunges, DB curl to press, mt. climbers (R+L=1)

DB Russian twists (R+L=1), DB crunches (arms stay extended, with DB pressing up towards the ceiling the whole time), DB overhead high knees

The workout: The first 2 drills listed will now be performed for 60, 45, then 30 seconds each. You can take your weight up as the time gets shorter for an added challenge. After you get in the three sets of each, move onto the third drill. This one will be done for 4 rounds of tabata timing (20 seconds of work, with a 10 second rest in between).

Y'all ready? Leggo!

DB squats, single arm bent over row, push-up with a knee tuck (hop the feet up as close to the hands as  you can get them and back, tucking the knees up towards the chest, after each push-up. To make this more challenging, don't let the feet touch the ground when you tuck the knees in towards the chest.)

DB rear curtsy lunges (alternate sides), DB curl to press, Mt. climber burpee (6 mt. climbers to 1 jump)

Low side plank DB punch thru (fully extend the arm in between punching under the body), chest press with crunch (crunch at the top of the press), DB overhead high knees