Hello all! I'm Lil Sarah, and I'm bringing your HEAT W.O.W. to ya!


This week, much like last, we'll be focusing on working both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. This allows us to work our muscles as a whole, since each muscle consists of both types of muscle fiber. To gain more overall strength, you've got to work both.

What you'll need: DB (dumbbells), and a bar to do some pull-ups on. (If you don't have a pull-up bar, you can use TRX straps or a barbell on a rack, and do inverted rows.)

How long: 45-55 min

The warmup: Perform 60 seconds of each drill. Two full rounds.




Bent over row

Squat to lunge jumps (Get down into a squat. Jump and switch your stance so you land in a lunge with you right foot back. Jump and switch your stance so you land in a squat. Repeat, alternating which side lunge you land in.)

The workout: The first exercise listed will be working fast twitch muscle fibers; the second will work slow twitch fibers. Perform the first drill for 30 seconds, then the second drill for 12 reps, and finish with the first drill for another 30 second set.

The second drill listed will either have you pausing at the bottom position, or performing the eccentric/negative part of the movement for 4 seconds. This means you'll be moving much slower than you are probably used to while weight is heading towards the ground, in the same direction gravity is pulling it. If you are pausing at the bottom, you'll hold that pause for 4 seconds as well.

Get in 3 sets of the first two pairs of drills, then 3 sets of the second two pairs of drills.

Knee tuck jumps / DB pause squats

DB bent over rows / Negative pull-ups (If you need to jump to get your chin over the bar, that is fine, just come back down as slowly as possible, and make sure you get your arms to full extension before putting your feet down. That means bending your knees if you have to.)

Jump lunges / Negative DB split squats

Medium resistance chest press (Don't max yourself out here. The goal is to do these as FAST as possible.) / Pause push-ups