Howdy HEAT fam! Lil Sarah here, with your W.O.W.!


The last two weeks we've done some pretty intense, longer, and heavier workouts. So this week, it's time to hit up a tabata workout! Still high intensity, but lighter weight, and a much shorter workout.

What you'll need: DB and a mat.

How long: 30 minutes or less!

The warmup: We'll get right into the tabata timing this week. The warmup will be body weight, with a 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off timing. Alternate between the three drills listed, completing three rounds, and then move on to the next set of three.

Jumping jacks / Mt climbers / sit-ups

Squat jumps / low plank jacks / plank ups

The workout: We are going take the intensity up, just a smidge, for the workout. Instead of working for 20 seconds, we'll do 30 second sets, with 10 seconds of rest. Get in 4 rounds of the two drills listed. When choosing your weight, go with the heaviest DB that you can move at an intense pace with.

DB squat jumps / DB sit-up to press (Press the DB overhead at the top of the sit-up.)

Push-up jacks (Perform a push-up, and then hop your feet out and in, from the high plank position.) / Skater lunges

Broad jump, shuffle back (Perform one broad jump. Face the same direction and back paddle to your starting point.) / Weighted V-ups (Hold one DB by the bells with both hands.)

Overhead DB high knees (Hold two light DB overhead, while your perform fast high knees.) / Renegade row