Hello, and HAPPY HUMP DAY HEAT familia! It's Lil Sarah here with your workout of the week!


This week's workout is going to be simple to follow, work your entire body, and you can choose to go body weight, or add some dumbbells (DB) to the mix. I'm gonna leave that up to you. Maybe you do this body weight today, and add weight tomorrow!

We are getting right into the workout this week. Treat the first round through everything as your warmup. Stick to body weight, or light weights. As you get further into the workout, you can add more weight.

The list of drills is your circuit. First time through do 25 reps of each, then 20, then 15, 10, and finally 5.



Jump lunges (each leg)

Star sit-ups - Lie on your back with your arms and legs extended out in the star position, so you make an "X", hands and feet hovering above the ground. Come up quickly, tucking the knees in towards the chest and arms just outside the legs, so you are balancing on your tailbone. Think of making yourself into a ball, your back should be completely off the ground. Extend back out into the star (X) position and repeat.

Broad jump burpees - instead of jumping straight up at the top, jump out as far as you can. Perform your push-up, and then turn around and jump the other direction.

Plank up/downs - walking the hands from a high to low plank.

Sumo squats with heels off the ground

Side plank punch through (each side)