Hey guys! Lil Sarah here, bringing you our first workout during Amp It Up August! August is the month where we start to see our workout frequency go down. Well, we want to keep that UP!

In order to keep your workout frequency up, you have to hold yourself accountable. Set your goal for how many workouts you want to get in for the week, and stick with it! Not having to plan your own workouts can be motivating. So, if you missed a bootcamp or session with your trainer, that's what I'm here for, to give you a workout you can do on your own.

Now enough talk, let's Amp it up!

What you'll need: DB (dumbbells) and a mat. 

How long: 40-50 minutes

Warmup: Start off with a 4 min jog.

20 reps of each:

Jumping jacks

Rear lunges

Plank up/downs

Sumo squats

Leg raises (lying on your back)

The workout: There are two exercises listed (A/B). Do 20 reps of A, 10 reps of B, and then 10 more reps of A. (20/10/10). Exercise A will be lighter, faster, and more explosive. Exercise B is your drill to challenge yourself by doing the heaviest weight you can for 10 reps. Complete 2 full sets of everything.

**Sarah's trainer tip** If you've been using the same weight for 10 reps for a few weeks now, go up one set in weight. This will not only help you gain strength, but help you get better muscle definition.

Jump (switch) lunges (ea side) / DB rear lunges (ea side)

Push-ups / DB chest presses

Skater lunges (ea side) / DB goblet sumo squats

Sit-up to press (light DB) / DB curl to press

Bicycle crunches / Russian twist (ea side)