Oh hey HEAT fam! I'm Lil Sarah, and I've got your HEAT W.O.W.!


I have had several of our SoFi Austin campers tell me that they'll be out of town for work a lot over the next few weeks, so I figured, why not make this week's workout one that can be done from a hotel room. All you've got to do is turn on your favorite playlist or binge watching show, and get to sweatin'!

What you'll need: You, a chair, and some motivation. (:

The warmup: 25 reps of each

Jumping jacks

High knees (ea leg)

Low plank jacks

Butt kicks (ea leg)

The workout: Get in 20 reps of each drill. All numbers are total, so if it's unilateral, do 10 on each side. Get in three to five sets, with as little rest in between as possible.

Single leg get up (Stand in front of a chair on your right leg. Keeping your left leg lifted, sit down on the chair and come back to standing. Your goal is to keep the left foot off of the floor during the entire movement.)

Incline or decline push-up (If push-ups are very challenging for you, put your hands on the chair, feet on the ground, and perform incline push-ups. If you can bust out 20 push-ups like nobody's business, put your feet on the chair and hands on the ground, and perform decline push-ups.)

Toe touch with a leg raise (Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Reach your arms straight up and crunch up until you reach your feet. Lower your shoulders back to the ground, and lower both straight legs as low as you can without touching the ground, and without your low back coming off of the floor. Only go as low as YOU can. If your low back left the ground, you went too low.)

90 degree squat jumps (You are doing a quarter turn each time you jump. Trainer tip: to avoid getting dizzy, and possible puking, turn once to the left and once to the right.)