“What do we want?” Toned arms, tight butt, and flat abs!!!! “When do we want it ?”  NOW!!!! “How are we gonna get it?” By doing this workout and keeping up with our meal plans/prep!!!

Hey y’all, Jenn here, with another new, innovative, and intense full body workout. 
How was everyone feeling after last weeks Legs and Abs workout? I know I was sore. I also incorporated a few of those moves into my Thursday 7:30pm camp, last week, and they were definitely feeling it too.  Anyway, lets jump into this weeks workout, and crush another week of 2017. 

We will start this workout with a mind screw, if you will. Meaning you will begin with a full body, light weights and body weight interval workout. The workout for this will be 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. You will do this circuit 4 times through. Take a 2-3 minute break, and then move onto the second part of your workout, the strength workout. I will give you the reps and describe all exercises below. Ready …… Set …….lets hit this Triple A Workout!

How Long: 45-60 min 

What You'll Need: Light and Heavy Set of DB, Dynomax Ball 8-12lbs, Interval Timer, Water, Mat, Good Music To Get Pumped.

The Warm Up: 
5-8 minute Stair master, Jog, or Treadmill Run

The HIIT Workout:
    40/10 x 4
Ice Skater (One Way) + Burpee
DB Curl x4- Cross Jab x 4
2 Jump Lunges + 2 Side Kicks
Dynomax Ball Crunch ’n’ Extend x2 + Sit Up n Toss x2
Dynomax Ball 1/2 Burpee x2 + Slam Ball x 2

The Strength Workout:
Keep this in mind when performing this workout. 
1) Lifting heavy WON’T make you bulky!!! This is what gives you definition and a round booty. 
2)When the reps written are not exact i.e 8-12, that is for you to determine. Meaning you will perform this exercise until the last 2 reps are almost impossible to do. If you notice you are reaching past 12 reps this is your time to go up in weight. Don't be scared. Change only occurs with progression, and progression only occurs with new challenges. Be challenged!

DB Squats 8-12 reps x 5 Rounds

RDL 12 x 4 Rounds
Static Low Squat Hold Curtsey Lunges BW (bodyweight) x 20 Per Leg
Burpee  + Tuck Jump x 10
    *Perform these exercises back to back with no rest in between. After one round is done,          rest 1 minute and repeat again for a total of 4 rounds. 

Static DB Lunges x 12-15  + Drop Weights Static Lunge Hops x 20  3 Rounds
Forward lunge with your right leg. Staying in a high lunge now drop down into a low lunge. Till your left knee does / almost touches the floor. Drive through the right heel till you’re back in a high lunge. Keep chest up, shoulders back and don't let your toes go out past your front foot. Once reps on the right leg are finished drop your weights and staying, still, on that same leg, hop up into a jump lunge. Land lightly and do this for 20 reps. Now pick back up your DB and do this same sequence on the left leg. 

ABS Burnout!!!
20 Reps Per Exersize x 4 Rounds

Mt Climbers (Per Leg, 40 Total)
High to Low Plank
Hip Raise
Leg Levers