What’s up kids. Its your girl Jenn here with a super quick, high intensity interval training workout. This is one of those workouts where you're gonna need to dig deep and keep pushing through, but once you’re done you will feel like a bad ass. Like you just crushed a gnarly workout, feel proud ….and drop the mike……

This workout also will incorporate very minimal amount of equipment. Allowing you to do this workout almost anywhere. So get your interval timers ready and don't forget to keep up with our Instagram stories to watch the full workout demonstrated for you.

How Long: 25-30min with warm up 

The Warm Up: 
5-8 minute Stair master, Jog, Treadmill Run 

What You'll Need: 1 Heavy- Medium Set of DB, 1 Medium - Light Set of DB 

The Workout 
Interval Timer 40/10 x 5 (40 seconds work/10 seconds rest  x 5 Rounds )

1) 2 DB Squats + R Lateral Lunge + 2 DB Squats + L Lateral Lunge 

2) Drop Pushups + Plank Tuck
Starting in a plank position. With control lower yourself all the way down till your chest and whole body is on the ground. Think of it how you would do a burpee once your hands touch the ground. Push yourself back up to plank then tuck your knees to your chest. Thats one rep.

3) DB 3 Jump Lunges + 1 Single Leg RDL  

4) DB Hammer Curl + Press Out + Single Arm Row
Light set of DBs. Perform a DB hammer curl, keeping your palms facing in and elbows close to your side. After you do one curl hold the DB at the top and press your arms straight out. Shoulder height. Keeping both arms out and palms still facing in, row with just the right arm and press back out. Then row with the left and press back out. Again, keeping your arms straight lower down back to starting position. Thats one rep. 

5) 2 Single Leg Pogo Jumps  + 2 Squat Jumps
Standing on your right leg jump up and land lightly on your foot. Like you're doing a single leg hop scotch or single leg jump rope. Once you've done 2 reps on the SAME leg drop into a squat and do 2 squat jumps. After doing your last squat jump pop up onto your left leg and repeat the sequence. 
6) DB Shoulder Press x2 + Bent Over Row x2