What’s going on everyone!!!! Jenn here with another W.O.W. for yah. Today we are going to keep it simple, but still keep it super intense and quick. This entire workout only requires either one or two Kettlebells. Yup …that is all. 

The workout will be done as a Time Challenge. All you'll need to do is hit start on your stop watch and hit end when you have completed the entire workout. 

Keep record of this workout and use this as an incentive to beat your time next time you do this workout. Challenge your friends to beat your time by posting how long it took you on your social media platform. Tag @heatbootcamp so we can see your progress! (Maybe see if one of the coaches can beat your time…) Either way, kick ass doing this workout and really try to limit your rest time. 

Ready….Set ….Swing 

How Long: 30-45 min

What You'll Need :1 Heavy KB & 1 Medium KB

The Warm Up : 
Section 1

5 min jog, bike, stair master 

Section 2 Interval Timer

20 seconds of work, immediately into another 20 seconds of work. Thats right no rest for this warm up section. Do each circuit for the designated rounds (x= Rounds ). Move onto the next section once rounds for that circuit are complete.   

    20/20 x3
Air Squats / Squat Jumps 

    20/20 x4
Pushups / Burpess 

    20/20 x5 
Mt Climbers / V Ups 

The Workout:
100 KB Swings
    80 KB RDL’s
90 KB Swings
    70 KB Squats
80 KB Swings
    60 KB Push Press
70 KB Swings
    50 KB Reverse Lunges ( 10 Reps Per Leg x 5 Rounds ) 
60 KB Swings
    40 KB Cleans
50 KB Swings
    30 KB Toe Touch & Extend
40 KB Swings
    20 Burpee + Upright Row
30 KB Swings
    10 Windmills (Per Side)