Oh hey y'all! It's Lil Sarah here with another HEAT WOW for ya. The title of this workout may have you a little worried, but it's actually a really good thing!

You get to decide whether you want to have a heavy day, or a moderate and higher volume day. The smaller reps listed are for if you're going heavy, and the larger rep sets are for those of you that are not going as heavy today. Workouts like this are great, because you can come back to it and do the opposite of what you did the last time.

What you'll need: A barbell or weighted bar. (You can also use DB if a BB is not available.)

How long: About 45-60 min (Depending on how heavy you go. Heavier sets need more rest.)

Warmup: Knock out a 5 min run/jog.

Two sets of 10 of each:
Bent over row
Rear loaded squat
Overhead press
Rear loaded lunges

Workout: Four sets of 8 (Heavy. You can add weight to your sets for an added challenge.), or 15 (medium to light)

BO row

Rear loaded squat jacks (Like a jumping jack, but you are squatting when your feet are wide, and you are not bringing hands over head. This is plyometric, so this will not be as heavy as a regular squat, start off light.)

Single arm landmine press (Anchor one side of the bar in a corner. Start with the other end of the bar shoulder height and press overhead.)

Rear loaded lunges (Reps are for each leg.)