Hello HEAT family! Dr. Maria here with your HEAT WOW. This is a super simple but efficient full body workout with no equipment.  

All you need is yourself and enough space to move around. 

The workout:

This workout consists of 4 exercises that are performed back to back and doubled up every round.

Take breaks when you need them, but try to complete two rounds back to back, take a break, two more rounds, etc. For as long as you can handle.

Warm-up: 5 minutes of walking or jogging or any other preferred warm-up

Cool-down: foam roller and/or stretching

Exercises and reps for round 1:

Burpee x2

Curtsy to Front Lunge x4

Jumping Jack x6

Mt Climber x8

Remember to double the reps for each exercise every round you do. How many rounds can YOU do??