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HEAT is hosting Burpees For Bros this year! This event is a fun way to raise money for the Movember Foundation, who have made it their mission to improve men's health.

The event takes place on Sunday, November 12th at 10:00am. HEAT Bootcamp will be the downtown/south Austin location for this event, and Dane's Bodyshop will be the location for north Austin.

How do you participate?

1.) Be a fundraiser! Sign up on the team page here, and find people to sponsor you doing burpees for one hour. (Yes, one hour. We said it was a FUN way to raise money...)

2.) Sponsor an athlete doing burpees for an hour.

3.) Come to the event and cheer on the burpee-ers! (Yes, that's a real word, or at least it is now!)

How do you fundraise?

1.) Join the Burpees For Bros team. (Link is above.)

2.) Set a goal for how many burpees you think you can do in an hour.

3.) Come up with a couple of simple totals for people to donate. Ex/ If you plan to do 500 burpees in the hour, you could have totals for every 25 burpees you do. 

$5 per 25 burpees, 500 burpees would come out to $100

$4 per 25 burpees, 500 burpees would come out to $80, and so on...

Or you could ask to be paid per burpee.

$.10 per burpee at 500 burpees would be $50

$.05 per burpee at 500 burpees would be $25

You can ask for a bonus if you hit a certain number of burpees over your goal.

4.) Hit up your friends to donate! We'll provide you with a sheet to keep track of your donors. Each person that donates will need to register through the team page BEFORE the event. You can have them use your direct link once you join the team, or use the main Team Burpees For Bros link.

How many burpees do people usually do in an hour?

Average amount of burpees completed in 1 hour: 510

Record for Burpees for Bros: 843 (Male) 704 (Female)