Hello HEAT family! This is Lil Sarah and I am here to make you SWEAT this week!

Today's workout is a cardio based workout that will combine endurance and explosiveness. Your heart rate is going to be high, and you are going to sweat. These kind of workouts are not only great stamina builders, but a great way to mentally challenge yourself too.

What you'll need: light DB, box or bench, and determination!

How long: About 30 min

Warmup: 3 min run/bike

30 sec of each, 30 sec rest. 3 full rounds:

Dbl squat / single squat jump
Pushup to shoulder tap
Bicycle crunches

Workout: We are going to do an interval workout today.

30 on, 15 rest, 45 on, 15 rest, 60 on, 15 rest, and 60 on. So four rounds per drill, increasing time after the first two rounds. Start at the top of the list, and complete all four rounds of each drill before moving on to the next.

Your rest is not increasing, so you are going to feel it at the end of these sets! This is where the mental endurance, as well as physical, kicks in. Challenge yourself!

Decline pushup to shoulder tap (Feet on the box/bench. If you can’t do pushups without your knees on the ground, switch to incline, with your hands on the box/bench.)

Box jumps

Bicycle situps (Come all the way up off of your back as you bring the opposite elbow and knee together. You’ll be balancing on your tailbone at the top of this movement. Extend both legs out completely when you lower your back down to the ground.)

Up & over DB thrusters (You’ll be moving laterally over the box/bench. When you are going over the box, press the DB straight up overhead. Come down on the right side of the box/bench with your right foot, leaving your left foot on the box. When you come down, you’ll lower the DB to your shoulders in the racked position. Press through your left foot to head back over to the left side, pressing the DB overhead as you cross over. On the left side, left foot is on the ground, right foot is on the box.)