What up HEAT fam! Coach Greg here, with a full body workout with a mobility warm up, and tabata “cool down”.

Have fun, stay active and keep it moving!!! 

What you'll need: This one is all body weight.

The workout:

Mobility Warm Up: 40 secs, 2 rounds
Leg swings

Walk outs

Runners lunge to Warrior - Front runners lunge with back Leg straight and front knee bent at 90 degrees, at the bottom of the lunge, raise both arms straight above head and lean back to open up the hip flexors, shoulders and abdominal wall. 

High knees - Butt Kicks

8 min / 40 reps each
Jack Squats
Push Ups
Plank Jacks
Sit Ups
Victory Sprint 200 meters

Tabata - 20 sec on / 10 sec rest, 2 rounds
Pulse Lunge / Reach N Tap - In high plank position, extend one arm straight fwd, hold for a second and then return to floor, tap opposite shoulder and repeat on the other side. 

Surfer Squat Jumps / Toe Taps
Mtn Climbers / Bicycle Crunches
Sprints / 1 Leg Burpees