Oh hey beautiful HEAT peeps! I'm Lil Sarah, and I am bringing your WOW to you.

DB_bench_press - by Weston Carls-5402.jpg

This week is going to have you getting in some slow heavy reps, immediately followed by an explosive, plyometric movement. You'll be hitting up your big muscle groups today, so you may want to have some BCAA's handy to help muscle recovery.

What you'll need: Some heavy DB, and maybe a mat.

Warmup: Warmup with a 5 min run/jog/step ups.
20 weighted squats
20 squat jumps
20 bench press
20 push-ups

The workout: Knock out 4 sets of each pair of drills, taking 30-60 seconds of rest in between sets, and 1-3 minutes of rest in between pairs of drills.

10 DB squats / 5 DB squat jumps (You may need to go down in weight for the jumps, depending on how heavy your squats were.)

10 DB bench press / 10 plyometric push-ups

8 DB lunges each leg / 4 heavy DB jump lunges each leg

5 single arm row each side / 5 single arm DB snatch each side

Have fun with this one, and really challenge yourself on the amount of weight you use!