Happy holidays HEAT family! Lil Sarah here, brining you a body weight workout you can do with the whole fam! (If they want to sweat it out along with you...)

This workout is a 12-1. Meaning, first time through the circuit, you'll do 12 of each drill. Next round, you do 11 of everything. Then 10, then 9, you get the point. All of the reps listed are for each side if the movement is unilateral.

Warmup with a short jog, or some jumping jacks and high knees.

Here's the list of your drills:

Around the world push-ups (Shift your weight over to the right arm and lower to the ground. While still at the bottom of the push-up, shift your weight over to the left arm and push back up.)

Lateral lunges

Star sit-ups

Plank ups

Frog jumps

Bicycle sit-ups (Make sure you are extending all the way out on the ground, and sitting all the way up at the top, so that your back is completely off the ground and you are balancing on your tailbone when twisting to bring your opposite elbow and knee together.)

Mule kicks