What up Team HEAT! It's Lil Sarah here with another WOW for y'all. This one is a high volume, total body dumbbell workout.

Four drills, 10 reps each, for 10 rounds. Choose a weight that will challenge you for 10 reps. Stick with that weight for as many of the 10 rounds as you can. When you start hitting muscle fatigue, you can take the weight down as need be.

What you'll need: Medium, to medium-heavy DB

The workout: 10 reps of each drill for 10 rounds

DB thrusters

DB renegade rows

Front loaded or goblet squats

Supine hip raises (Lying on your back with heavy DB at the top of a chest press, and legs straight up in the air. Keep your arms straight with DB over your chest the entire set. Press your toes up towards the sky, bringing your hips as high off of the ground as you can. Lower your hips back down as slowly as you can.)