What’s up HEAT Fam? Jenn here with another weeks WOW. 

This week is based on the Single, Single, Double format (S.S.D). This means your first exercise of each couplet (2 exercise per circuit) will be performed as a single sided exercise for one move (SA/SL), switching to the other side for a single move, and then incorporating both legs/arms into the third lift. Those three movements will be one rep. The second exercise will be your Super Set (SS). You will do these two exercises back to back with little to no rest. After each round take a 30 second rest and then repeat for 3 or 4 more rounds. 

Get your pump on ladies and gents!!!!

How Long: 45 - 60 minutes

What You'll Need: 2 Sets of DB’s Lower body and upper body. 

The Warm Up: 
5 min jog, bike, stair master, elliptical, jump rope
3 Rounds
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Squats
10 Pushups
20 V Ups
30 Low to High Plank Walks 

The Workout: 3 - 4 Rds 

S.S.D DB Chest Press x 8
Clapping PushUps or Push Off Pushups-Go On Knees x10

S.S.D DB Shoulder Press x 10
DB Burpee + Upright Row + Swing x8

(Use the same DB as your shoulder press) 

S.S.D DB Curls x12
Pullups x10

DB SL (Single Leg) Box/Bench Sit x10
(Perform all 10 on one leg before switching to the other side) 
Box/Bench should be no higher then a 90 bend in your legs when sitting. Go lower for more of a challenge. Remember to drive through the heels when ascending up. Keep core tight.  
Box/ Bench Jumps + 2 Jump Lunges x10

S.S.D Romanian Dead Lift x12
Do an RDL on one leg, then switch to the other side. Finish with both legs. 
Ice Skaters x 20 ( Per Leg ) 

S.S.D V-up x15
Lay on your back. Legs elevated, as well as shoulder blades off the ground, and hands above your head.  Your lower back should be the only part of your body on the ground. Reach your left hand to your right foot and crunch. Next extend everything back out and now reach your right hand to your left foot. Lastly come up to a V and reach both hands to both feet.
Hip Raises x20