Oh hey HEAT peeps! Lil Sarah here, with an easy to set up workout for y'all. Don't you worry, easy setup means lots of sweat during the workout.


Coming out of January a lot of us can be very busy with this new year moving forward at full speed. This week's workout is designed to feel stress free so you can be motivated to get it in for the week!

We are gonna right into it...

What you'll need: You, some DB (or not, you can go body weight if that's what you're feeling this week), and maybe a mat. Boom. Easy.

How long: 30-45 min

Warmup: Get in 100 of each. You can split it up into sets of 50 and do two rounds if that feels better.

Jumping jacks

Mt. climbers (100 each leg)

Air squats

Leg raises

The workout: Same as the warmup and just like the name of the workout, you're getting in 100 reps of each of the following. This can be split up into sets of 10-20 to make it easier to keep moving with as little rest as possible.

DB squats

Push-up to plank row (50 on each side, so 1 row per 1 push-up. If you are doing body weight, do 1 push-up and 1 shoulder tap.)

Low plank pikes (From the low plank position, raise your hips up as high as you can and slowly lower them back down until your back is nice and flat back in the low plank position.)

Triple pulse walking lunges (Perform walking lunges, but at the bottom of each lunge you will pulse 3 times before stepping into the next lunge. This will be 50 on each leg.)

Bicycle chest fly (Set up for a normal chest fly with one leg extended out straight and low and one leg bent and brought in towards the body. When you lower your DB switch your legs, and when you press the DB back up switch your legs. Every time the DB move, you switch your legs.)