HEAT familia, meet Todd...Todd has been in the HEAT fam now for over a year and a half, and has seen some pretty awesome results due to the hard work he's been putting in. We'll go ahead and let Todd tell you about it in his own words...

"I started going to HEAT during the last week of July, 2015. For most of my life, I was a road cyclist and runner. I practiced yoga on and off since 1995. I also lifted weights over the years, but nothing organized or supervised by fitness professionals. My wife and I live 2 blocks away from HEAT and it was she who suggested that we give it a try. At the time, I had been having severe problems with my psoas and hamstring muscles, pulls which were exacerbated by fixed-gear cycling and doing forward-bends too aggressively in yoga. 

I was in a lot of pain and, furthermore, wasn't happy with my body composition or the way I was moving (sluggish, feeling heavy). I've always had strong legs, but flexibility was (and is) an issue. I also had, at the time, little to no core strength and wasn't doing any real exercise other than pedaling a bicycle and running - hardly a wide variety of movements!

HEAT instantly attracted me because I was forced to move in ways I never would have on my own - laterally, backwards, with added weight, you name it. I hate jumping rope, so it's great for me to have to do that. The Tabata classes are especially good for moving my VO2-max in the right direction (up). The target-specific classes - chest, back, arms; butt, legs, core; total body conditioning - are a great sequence for working on those parts of the body. The staff and trainers at HEAT are especially friendly, welcoming, and professional. I have never had a single complaint about any class or training. Period. The pricing is more than fair. The facility is clean and kept stocked with equipment that's not falling apart. Management is on top of their game.

When I started, my main goal was making it through Greg's Tabata classes without leaving on a gurney. I managed to make it through that okay and just focused on building core strength and trying to keep good form while introducing myself to movements I hadn't done before (box jumps, dead lifts, TRX exercises, the works). I was eager to lose a few inches on my waistline, as I was going about 23% body fat at the time, and it was pretty much located around my belly. I knocked off 2 inches in a matter of weeks, and am down to 16-17% body fat as of the one-year mark (August, 2016). My weight hasn't changed but I've clearly converted a lot of fat to muscle!

In addition to knocking off some fat, I'm stronger in almost every sense: upper body, arms, back, legs. I'm more flexible and my form has gotten noticeably better. When I run or cycle, the functional training I get at HEAT translates to better performance in those activities. It's an integrated, full-body routine that HEAT offers and I think it's just the best.

My favorite camp? Pretty much all of them. As I mentioned, the Tabata classes are great for moving your VO2-max. The body-part specific classes are great for focusing on upper, lower, or total body and useful if you want to go heavy on the weights and work on your form.

My current goals are to get down to 14% or so on the body fat composition. I always need to work on core stuff, and my hamstrings are a constant source of trouble for me - doing V-ups are a nightmare for me! - so that is another focus. I'd like to be able to do more than 3 or 4 pull-ups in a row. And I'd like to be doing more dead lifts and heavy work to bolster my lower back.

HEAT's a great place. I think I've covered my favorite things. I should mention that I've gotten to know a lot of fellow boot-campers and made a few friends along the way. It's not a judgmental atmosphere and the trainers aren't bullies. It's a great resource and I highly recommend it to anyone at any level of fitness!"