Ohhhh hey there HEAT Peeps. It’s your girl Jenn here with another W.O.W for yah. As I'm sure you could tell by the title of this workout it’s gonna be a real treat. Don't worry though,I got you. How you say? Because though this workout sounds intimidating it only consists of 5 exercises. 
Yup thats it…….Okay, maybe the exercises are a little out of the ordinary, but hey, if want to CHANGE your body you must CHALLENGE your body. 
Write that S^&* down!!!!

Okay, …enough of this talk lets get to the workout. 

The workout consists of 5 exercises. You will do 100 reps…yes one more time… a hundred reps PER exercise. You may split up the reps however you want. Just make sure all 100 reps are completed. Use a timer during this workout as well to keep track of how long it took you to complete it. Challenge your friends, or later on during your training, I recommend retesting this every few months to see your improvements. 

Keep training with us and follow our trainers as they post their own workouts on each of their own social media sites. Workout 4x5 times a week and eat your correct nutrition, and I guarantee you will beat your time next go around. Just some food for thought. 

Now onto the workout……

How Long:  Depends on how bad you want it. I recommend a time cap of 45 min 

What You'll Need: 1 Set of Medium Dumbbells, 1 Dynomax Ball/Sandbag/Med Ball, 1 Medium Weighted Kettle-bell, Stop Watch, Water, Mat if you must  

The Warm Up: 
5 Min COC (Cardio Of Choice) 
Step Ups
Treadmill (3.0 Incline) Better for your body
Jumping Jacks/Jog in Place 30/30 (Intervals 30 seconds into 30 seconds total 5 rounds)
Stair Master 

The Workout: 
KB American Swing x 2 + Upright Row
    Same as a regular KB Swing, only you're ending the swing above your head vs eye level. Use more hips. Heads up: 2 Swings + 1 Upright Row = 1 Rep 

DB Reverse Lunge & Curl
    Either curl when you lunge or lunge when you curl. Either way each lunge counts as 1 rep 

Dyno/Ball/Sandbag Teardrop Swing + Slam
    Grab your equipment of choice and hold it at your hips. Using your hips, abs, and arms make a teardrop shape with the ball. Starting at hips, swinging around your head and ending back at starting position. Once back at the starting position take the ball over your head a slam it down as hard as possible. Next time around create the teardrop shape again, but go in the opposite direction you went last time around. Each slam counts as on rep. 

180 Squat Jump + Bupree 

Bicycle x 2 + Superman