Hello there, all you hard working campers! We have been seeing some amazing results lately, especially during the last two months with the MELTDOWN transformation challenge going on. Today we are going to spotlight a HEAT member from the SOFI studio, Jade. Jade started coming to HEAT over a year ago, and has put in tons of hard work not only at the studio in camps, but outside the studio in her own kitchen. Let us tell you, the hard work has really paid off. Here's how, in Jade's words...

"I joined HEAT Bootcamp November 2015 while recovering from a knee injury. The stress of opening my grooming business caused me to pick up some bad habits and I knew it was time to get back to the old me. Countless hours devoted to opening my brick-and-mortar on top of seeing clients full time had taken a toll on my body. Quick meals and whiskey cocktails were a way of life, and that had to end. I decided it was time to end the excuses and step up my game.

I quickly discovered that the days I was active I was much more productive with my time, so I could accomplish more in less time. HEAT Bootcamp became my (nearly) daily therapy. It was (and still is) the one time of the day I can relinquish control and just focus on improving myself. One year later I was 40 lbs lighter, much stronger, had much more muscle, and had nearly endless energy.


I have been to many gyms around town, and I have to say the team at HEAT truly is the cream of the crop. Every single trainer has a unique approach, and the creativity of the classes is unbeatable. I especially love Kiel's early am upper body and bootyschool, lifting heavy with Cody R., Pete's high energy classes, and Jenn's rip-you-to-shreds creative total body moves. I currently go to at least 5 classes a week, and I still have yet to repeat the same workout twice which is pretty incredible.

Now that I am in much better shape I do still eat out and drink often, but with nutrition counseling from Sarah I have learned to make much better choices. I swapped the cocktails for whiskey on the rocks and get much more bang for my buck. You gotta work hard to earn those cheat meals! 

My husband and I recently found a new love, obstacle course racing. It's a true test of your mental and physical capabilities, and once you complete a race you feel like you can take on any obstacle that life throws at you. I love pushing myself to my limits, playing hard, and getting dirty so it is the perfect sport for me. 

In the beginning, the hardest part was getting to class. I feel like there's a point in your fitness journey where working out goes from something you feel like you HAVE to do, to something you truly want to do. Getting there is the hardest part! Now that I enjoy it so much the hardest part for me is scheduling a proper rest day!"