What’s up my bad @ss ladies and gents. Jenn here with this week’s W.O.W. This week is a time challenge. I really like these kind of workouts because not only do they push you by having little to no rest throughout the entire workout, but this workout can be reused over and over again to show your improvements. Each time you do this workout again try to beat your time.  So don't forget to set your stop watch and keep record of your time. 


For this workout you will be doing 7 exercises, 7 reps per exercise, for 7 rounds total! Woo Woop!!

This is a full body workout with minimal equipment. Please note, that while continuing through this workout keep a steady pace. Do not go balls out the first round because I'm telling you by the time you get to the 3rd or 4th round you're gonna be wiped out. This is not only a strength and endurance workout, but a mental one as well. So DON’T give up!!

Lets do it!!!

How Long: 50 Min Time Cap 

What You'll Need: 1 Set of Medium Dumbbells, 1 Light Set of DB , Stop Watch, Water, Mat if you must 

The Warm Up: 
5 Min COC (Cardio Of Choice) 
Step Ups
Treadmill (3.0 Incline) Better for your body
Jumping Jacks/Jog in Place 30/30 (Intervals 30 seconds into 30 seconds total 5 rounds)
Stair Master 

The Workout: 
DB Overhead high knees x4 + Squat (that equals 1 rep)
Burpee + Plank Jack
DB Reverse Lunge + Curl & Press (total)
DB Chest Fly + Close Grip Chest Press
2 Pulse Squats + Tuck Jump Squat
DB Turkish Get Up (total) 
RDL + Power Upright Row