Hey guys and gals!!! Jenn here with a super simple, but effective ONE piece of equipment workout. This is great to do anywhere. A hotel gym, or at home; anywhere you can get a hold of a set of dumbbells. I recommend a weight you can press over your head, but not so light you can do this strict. Meaning you need to use the power of your legs to get the weights overhead. Make this workout challenging!

The term “Giant Set” means you will be performing multiple exercises back-to-back with no rest until all reps are complete. Making this…one giant set. 

You will start with doing 6 reps of each exercise. Once all reps in the set are complete you will then take a quick….yes quick, rest. (No more then 30 seconds rest.)  Moving onto the next set you will do the same exercises only this time you will add 1 rep per exercise. So the second round will now be 7 reps per exercise. Continue this workout, increasing by 1 rep each new round till you have completed a total of 12 reps per exercise. 

To add a challenge time yourself and see how long it takes you to complete. Come back to this workout in a month and see if you can beat your time. 

How Long: 30- 45 Min 

What You'll Need: 1 set Med/Heavy weighted Dumbbells

The Warm Up:
5 Min - Cardio Of Choice
Step Ups
Treadmill at 3.0 Incline (Better for your body) 
Jumping Jacks/Jog in Place 30/30 (Intervals 30 seconds into 30 seconds total 5 rounds)
Stair Master 

The Workout: 
Plank Row (Per Arm) 
Push Press
Forward Lunge (Per leg)
Romanian dead lift
Reverse Lunges (Per leg)
Burpee + Curl