What’s up everyone. Jenn here with this weeks WOW.

Now let me just start off by saying this is NOT me making fun of men in ANY way. In fact this particular workout is one of my most favorite ones to create. The title of this weeks workout is inspired by one of my favorite music artists, Missy Elliot, and her song “Minute Man”. If you haven't heard it and like her stye or haven't heard of her… well go listen… Like now. Then come back and do this workout.  

The way this workout goes is you will have 2 exercises per circuit. The first exercise you will be given a designated number of reps to complete. After you have completed the reps you will do the second exercise until 2 minutes is up. 

10 Burpees
Pushup Tuck 

Do 10 Burpees, and for the remainder of the 2 minutes do pushup tucks.

Sounds simple right? 

Something to keep in mind, if you are noticing you are taking over a minute to complete exercise one, drop down in weight or modify your exercise so that it’s an even 1 minute for exercise one and the last minute you are doing exercise two. 

Make sure you are using a timer to keep track of your time. 

Lets do this !!!!

How Long: 45 min

What You'll Need: Light set of DB 8-12lb, Heavy DB set for legs, Medium set DB for upper body, Box/Bench , Stop watch, water , mat 

1 Minute Countdown
Same as what our workout will be only 1 minute long. 
Do the first exercise for the written reps and finish off your minute doing the second described exercise. Repeat each circuit 3 times through before moving to the next circuit 

Shoulder Taps x20
Mt Climbers 

Squats x20
Squat Jumps 

Pushups x10

The Workout:
Repeat each circuit 3 times before moving to the next.

DB Step Ups x10 Per Leg
Box Jump + 2 Jump Lunges 

Incline Plank (box /bench) SA Row x6 per arm
DB Burpees 

DB Swing + Overhead Tricep Extension x10
Plank Frog Jumps 

DB Jump Lunges x20 total
DB Squats 

Wall Plank Walks x5
DB Uppercut x2 + Cross Punch x2