Hey hey everyone. Hope you guys are having a great week thus far. It’s your girl Jenn here with another W.O.W. This week is all about that BURN. We are gonna hit all muscle groups hard, using heavy weights, then immediately follow that with a burnout of the same muscle group for one minute. Finally, we will finish it off with some bodyweight HIIT. 


Remember if you ever have any questions about any of the workouts to hit us up on our social media platforms and I will be happy to assist. 

Enough chat. We got work to do!

How Long: 60 Min 

What You'll Need: DB and a timer

The Warm Up: 
5 Min COC (Cardio Of Choice ) 
Step Ups
Treadmill (3.0 Incline) Better for your body
Jumping Jacks/Jog in Place 30/30(Intervals 30 seconds into 30 seconds total 5 rounds)
Stair Master 

The Breakdown: 
Perform anywhere from 8-12 reps of the first exercise of each circuit. Remember when trying to progress in your success you must reach a certain muscle failure on these sets. Meaning; the last two reps should be challenging. If they are not, go up in weight next round or increase your reps by 2-4. 

The second exercise in your circuit you will do for a full minute. So have your stop watches ready to be used. 

Take a 10-30 second break and repeat this circuit all over again for a total of 3 rounds per circuit. 

The Workout:
DB RDL + 2 Reverse Lunges (1 RDL + 2 Rev Lunges = 1 Rep)
Low Jacks 

DB Step Ups
Up n Overs 

Chest Press
Plyo Pushups (Start in a pushup position. Perform a normal pushup, but then act like you are trying to push your whole body off the floor once coming up from your pushup so your hands leave the ground.)
Note: this can also be done on your knees 

DB Overhead Tricep Press + DB Curl

DB Cleans
Tuck Jumps 

30/15 x4  
Work / Rest 

Pushup + Jackknife
V Ups
Jump Lunges
Burpee + Side Kick
Squat Jumps