Hey, Hey, Hey peoples!!! It’s your girl Jenn here, writing you this simple yet brutal workout. 
If you know me, or have taken one of my camps, you know I don't typically go for basic exercises. If i do, they are more than likely super setted or combined with some kind of crazy bodyweight excise. Well kids … not today!

Today this workout is just 30 minutes and only involves one dynomax/med ball, one barbell/set of dumbbells, a stop watch, and your bodyweight. 

The premise of this workout is nonstop work. Remember, because this is a shorter workout, you MUST go hard the entire time. Make this workout count. 

Just something to think about …


Are you ready for it? If not, then kick some ass in this workout. 

How Long: 30 min
What You'll Need: 1 Barbell/Set Of Dumbbells (medium weight), 1 Dynomax/Med Ball, Stop Watch, Water, Treadmill or what I recommend GET OUTSIDE AND RUN!!!! 
* If you don’t have a way to determine a 200 meter, grab your stopwatch and sprint for 30 seconds. 

The Workout:
Do all 20 reps per exercise before moving onto the next one. Watch the clock during your workout and every 5 minutes take a 200 meter run. Come back to where you left off before your run and finish the 20 reps. Continue going through this circuit until 30 minutes is up. This means if you have done all 20 reps of each exercise and 30 minutes is not up, which you most likely will have completed, you start back at the top and do it over again. 

20 Burpees
20 Wall Balls
20 Push Press
20 Slam Balls
20 Single Arm Snatches (TOTAL)