What is goin' on HEAT peeps?! Lil Sarah here, with your next HEAT WOW. If you're getting excited by the title of this workout, thinking you'll only be working for one minute today, sorry to disappoint...we're just using the minute as our timer. (:

This workout has you setting a clock and starting your set at the top of each minute. We'll start off with lighter, explosive drills that will get your heart rate pumping, and then we'll move into heavy sets that will get the blood flowing to those muscles. Just like last week, a little heavy and a little light.

What you'll need: Your beautiful selves and some heavy DB's

How long: 35-40 minutes

The workout: Our first section will be your warmup. Your going to work for 5 minutes. When the clock starts, you get in your set. Your goal is to finish before the minute is up, because the time left over is your rest. If you don't have time left over, you don't get any rest because when the clock hits that minute mark, you start your second set, even if you didn't finish the first set. Keep up with the same format until you've done 5 rounds. You should be finishing just as your clock is about to hit the 5:00 minute mark.

Here's your set...get all of the reps listed done within the minute. If you finish with more than 30 seconds left, add a few reps. If you get through 2 rounds and did not finish either set, subtract a rep from everything.

20 Mt climbers (total)
8 push-ups
10 squat jumps

Next up, 6 rounds:

20 skater lunges (total)
10 v-ups

Now we are going to add weight to our drills. 7 rounds of this one:

16 rear lunge into overhead press (Press the DB overhead at the top of your lunge. You can keep the DB in the racked position when you step back into your lunge.)

Let's get heavier! 8 rounds this time.

8 HEAVY DB squats
8 HEAVY bent over rows

And for your ab burnout...You guessed it! 9 rounds.

9 leg raises
9 sit-ups
9 low plank jacks