What’s up guys and gals. It’s your girl Jenn here. I hope you enjoyed the last four weeks of your “Crossbreed Crusher”, it was really fun creating that for y’all. 
This next workout will be a full body, body weight only workout. It will be done super fast, and leave you dripping in sweat. For an added challenge I recommend doing this outside. Especially if you live in Texas. It will really test your ability to control your breathing and heart rate. 
Keeping this in mind, please remember to stay hydrated during these intense workouts. 
As always with high intensity workouts you must GO INTENSE!!! You will not benefit from this workout if you are half @$$-ing it. Just being honest. Do this workout with the intent of success and determination of getting that body you deserve. 

This workout will require a interval timer. You will do each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Then move onto the next exercise. Continue this till you reach the end of the round and repeat this for 5 rounds. 
This will make your workout less than 21 minutes long. Boom! 

Let’s dive in shall we?

How Long: 25 minutes. Including a 5 minute warm up   

What You'll Need: Interval timer, water. mat 

The warm up:
Jog/Bike/Row/ 2 min
Non stop 20 seconds, into 20 seconds, into 20 seconds. For 3 rounds
High Knees  

The Workout

Pullup Toes To Bar/Knees To Chest
2 Squats + 2 Jump Lunges
Single Arm Plank Jacks - (Stay on one side for 20 seconds and switch to the other arm for the last 20) 
Hip Raise + Toe Touch
Burpee + Long Jump