Happy WOW y’all!!!! It’s your girl Jenn here with a pretty legit workout. Today’s workout requires a little bit of creativity, and some serious mind over matter strength. If you do not have a squat rack or a way to do inverted rows grab 2 taller chairs and a broom and make a horizontal bar for inverted pull-ups. (If you don't know what I mean…Youtube it. Key in “DIY inverted pull-up bar.”) 

Anyway, this entire workout is bodyweight, like last week. The only difference is you will have a required amount of reps and will do this workout while timing yourself. Always keep record of your time and try to beat it again when you’re feeling inspired to tackle this workout again. 

Always remember keep good form and pace yourself. 

Here we go….

How Long: That depends on how badly you want it...

What You'll Need: Interval timer, water. mat, inverted pull up bar. 

The warm up:
5 Minute Run/Jog then move immediately into the workout. Think of this as a prerequisite into the workout. 

The Workout:
100 Walking Lunges
10 x Frog Sit Ups  
10 x Single Leg Box Squats - PER LEG
(Butt must touch the box before you ascend up from your squat)
10 x Long Jump + 2 Squats
10 x 2 Cross Body Mt. Climbers + 1 Pushup
10 x Inverted Row
10 x Burpee
2 Min Jog/Row/Bike/Step Ups