What’s up guys. Jenn here, continuing our “Crossbreed Crusher” series. This week will be upper body and will incorporate a strength section of Chest, Back and Arms, and finishes with, just as you warmed up, Tabata. 


Make sure your diet is on point during this phase. 


How Long: 5 Warm Up + 45-50 Minute Workout 

What You'll Need: 1 set of heavy DB’s for chest press. 1 medium set of DB’s, and 1 light set of DB’s, and a stop watch. 

The Warm Up: 
3 Rounds

Use a light set of DB’s and try to keep them in your hands throughout the entire warm   up 


DB Overhead High Knees
DB Push Press
DB Skier Swings
DB Bicep Curls 

4 Rounds                                           
10 x DB/BB Bench Press (Last 2 reps should be a challenge. If not, go up in weight) 
Rest 50 seconds in between 

3 Rounds (SS= Superset=Do each exercise back to back before resting) 
15 x DB Arnold Press
10 x Single Arm Bent Over Row 

3 Rounds  
10 x Y’s and T’s
10 x DB Flys 

4 Rounds 
20 Bicep Curls
20 Over head tricep extension
Rest 30 seconds between rounds 

High Intensity / Endurance

8 Rounds

Pike Press
Mt Climbers
3 Pt V Ups

(Reach for the right foot, in a V Up, lower and extend both hands and feet down. Next reach for the left foot. Same deal. Lastly reach for both feet to complete the full V Up.)
Elbow Plank Skier Jumps
X Out Burpee

(Start by jumping your feet and hands out into a plank position, but land with both feet and hands touching. Kinda like your going to do a tricep pushup. Once in that position use your core and full explosive power to jump both feet and hands out into a wide position but land into your full pushup position. You should be just a few inches off the ground in an “X” position. Now explode back up to where you started Feet together and hands. Jump feet to your hands and jump up to complete the burpee)