Hey hey hey everyone!!!! Jenn here….again, haha. How did we feel after last week's upper body workout? Chest sore? Arms? Well let's hope so. Don't forget guys, write your workouts down. Keeping record of this is a great way to see not only your progress, but allows for no mistakes when planning your progressions.


This week we’re going to be focusing on that core!!!! Yaaaasssss people. An entire workout designated to your tummy. Now, this does not mean we will be doing and entire workout crunching, V Up-ing , Sitting up, and lifting our shirts in the mirror to see if “its working”… Well maybe the last part. 

We will be paying extra attention to keeping our core SUPER tight through this entire workout. Though you should be doing that every workout. I want you to really be cognizant this time around. 

“What do I mean by super tight” ? 

It means sucking your belly button into your spine. 
It means acting like you’re stepping out into your bikini.
It means you’re wearing that snazzy dress shirt tucked in with those pants that make your butt look ohhh so good. Because YOU DON’T SKIP LEG DAY!

Along with keeping it tight, I need you to focus on the breathing as well. When crunching, or ascending from a squat or pushup, breathe out. When descending into a squat and a pushup, as well performing a deadlift/lunge/RDL, make sure to take a BIG deep breath during these moves. Lastly when you're in the stretch of a ab exercise make sure to breathe out and really allow your abs to stretch. 

Very last point to remember: When you are crunching remember to LEAD with your heart. This means do not round your neck, or use your elbows to drive to the knees. Rather, pretend there is a string attached to your heart and let it pull you up.

Okay I’m done here. Everyone keep it tight, suck it in, and flex.   

Make sure your diet is on point during this phase. 


How Long: 5 Warm Up + 40 Minute Workout 

What You'll Need: SB=Stability Ball, KB, DB or Barbell, and a Dynomax or slam ball.
The Warm Up: 
4 Rounds

200 Meter Run/ 30 Second Treadmill Run
10x Frog Jump + 2 BW Squats
20x Jump Squats
15 SB Feet On Wall Crunches
Lower back on the SB. Place your feet so there’s a 90 degree angle on the wall. Inhale and allow your spine to wrap around the ball. Exhale to crunch like you are trying to bring your elbows to knees. 
20 Supermans
20 Crunch and Extend
10 Pushup + Bird Dog 

The workout:
3 Rounds

10 Deadlifts
    Make sure to make this you're strength section. So last 2 reps should be challenging
15 Weighted Toe Touch and Extend 

4 Rounds
5 Pull Ups
20 Weighted Front Squats  
20 KB Swings
10 Slam Balls
5 Pushup + Row (Both Arms Counts As 1 Rep) 

4 Rounds

12 x Hanging L Raise /Knees To Elbows
12 x SB Elbow Plank Cross Body Mt Climbers (Both Legs Count As 1 Rep)
12 x SB Transfer
Start lying down with SB in between your feet. Perform a V Up and transfer the SB to your hands. Exhaling out to extend your body back to the starting position. Repeat transfers
12 x SB Hip Raises
12 x Weighted Side Bends (Per Side)