What’s up guys and gals, Jenn here with yet another workout of the week. This week we will be doing a 30 minute HMR = How Many Rounds. You will be given 6 exercises. Varying from a standard exercise to a complex. Meaning a series of exercises performed back to back that equals one rep. You will move from one exercise to the next till you have completed one round. Before starting a new round you must complete a quick max effort set of sprints. After that you will start back up at the top and keep following through the circuit for 30 minutes. Keep track of how many rounds you get through and record your score. Try to get competitive and have your friends try to beat your score. 

For the warm up you will do 5 minutes of straight work starting with 1 rep per exercise. Once you have done 1 rep of all, you will then do 2 reps of everything, then 3 reps, so forth and so on till 5 minutes is up. We are doing this to prepare your body for the work load ahead. 

Sounds good? Okay great!!! 
Lets do this.

How Long: 35 min  

What You'll Need: 1 Set Heavy Leg DB’s, 1 Set Medium Upper body DB’s , Pull-ups Bar/Inverted Row bar (i.e Smith Machine), timer, mat, water. 

The warm up:
5 Minute HMR?
1,2,3,4,5 Reps
Push Press
Reverse Lunge (Per Leg) 
Plank Row 

The Workout:
6x RDL + Thruster + Reverse Lunge
9 x Hand Release Pushup
6 x Hang Clean + Push Press + Bent Over Row
9 x Burpee Pullups
6 x Frog Jump + Tuck Jump + 2 Jump Lunges
9 x Body Weight Get Ups 

3 Rounds of 30 second sprint / 30 seconds rest