Hey HEAT friends! Lil Sarah here with your next WOW. This week we’re gonna keep it short, and our focus will be simple…it’s all about that @$$ and those ABS! Booty lifting and belly defining drills with some high intensity moves to get your heart rate up and shred some fat.

We’re starting off with body weight, so we’ll jump right into this workout. Leggo!

What you’ll need: You, some DB, and a lot of determination!

How long: You can knock this one out in 30 or less if you really hustle...

20 reps each, 2 full rounds, take up your intensity and pace on round 2.
Rear lunge into knee drive (10 per leg)
Squatted jumping jacks
Low side plank hip dips (20 per side)
Sumo squats

Grab some DB’s for the next part of the workout. Knockout four sets of 10.
Overhead DB lunges
Weighted sit-ups
Goblet sumo squats

Now for your burnout! Keep moving at as fast of a pace as you can. Set your clock for 5 minutes, and get in as many rounds as you can.
15 knee tuck jumps
30 cross mt. climbers
20 jump lunges
30 bicycle crunches
20 Low sumo hops (Get into a low sumo squat. Staying low, with hips and knees flexed, hop both feet off the ground at the same time. These won’t be the tallest jumps you’ve ever done, but they’ll get that booty burnin’!)