What's up HEAT familia! Coach Greg, comin' atcha with the next HEAT WOW. Plyometric workouts increase power, recruit more muscle fibers and decrease the chance of injury by teaching the body to absorb impact more efficiently. 


This week is "Plyo Central!"

Equipment Needed: Body Weight, bench or chair and moderate dumbbells 

How long: 35-50 min

Warm Up: 5 min cap
50 High Knees
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Shoulder Taps
20 V-Ups
10 Blast Off Push Ups (Childs Pose -Push Up)
5 Superman Burpees (Low Bk Ext, Chest down to floor, hand release and then to burpee) 

Format: (4 BW Drills/ 4 DB Drills) 4 Rounds, 45 Minute Cap. 16 Reps BW/ 12 Reps DB's. 
15 second break between drills. 

Body Weight
1. Lateral Plyo Push Ups (side-side)
2. Kick Thru's (high plank position)
3. Donkey Kicks
4. Bench/ Chair Dips w/ hand release or pistol lunge

1. Jumping Jack Press
2. Knee Tuck To Plank Row (high plank position)
3. Push Up Rotation Press
4. Burpee Clean-Press

Enjoy!!!! - Coach G