Hello HEATwave! Lil Sarah here with your latest WOW sweat session. This week is all about endurance. We have to endure the long hot days of Summer, so why not let that inspire you to put your body to the test! See just how long you can keep something up.

Sounds fun, right?!

This week is as much about mental stamina as it is physical. We'll be working with one drill for 90 seconds. That's a long set, so choose a weight that you can continuously work with without a break.

What you'll need: KB, DB, and a mat.

How long: 35-40 min

The warmup: 60 sec of each

Jumping Jacks

Mt. Climbers


DB Thrusters

The workout: 90 sec of each. 3 full rounds. Use the first round to gauge the proper weight you should use. If you could have gone longer, go up in weight. If you had to rest before you hit time, either mentally challenge yourself to not take rest round 2 and keep the same weight, or take your weight down slightly and don't rest round 2.

Renegade Row

KB Swings

DB Push Press

DB Squats

Star Sit-ups (Lie back with your arms and legs extended out, so that you make an "X", or a "star". Tuck your knees into your chest as you sit all the way up, balancing on your tailbone. Your back should be completely off the ground. Repeat, repeat, repeat! These are explosive. Go for speed!)

Remember, these are LONG sets. It's all about pushing yourself past the uncomfortable zone. Stay focused. Have FUN!