Hey HEAT hotties! I'm Lil Sarah, and I'm bringing your weekly sweat session to ya!

HEAT Bootcamp - by WestonCarls-4422.jpg

This week's WOW is going to take you through one circuit. We'll do the circuit 3 times, each time taking the intensity of the movements UP. It's up to YOU to make this workout the most challenging version of it possible.

What you'll need: DB or KB and YOU!

Let's go!

The circuit:

30 squats
30 push-ups
30 lunges
30 high pulls
30 sit-ups

The first round should be weighted, except for the push-ups. Here are some ways that you can take the intensity up in rounds 2 and 3:

- Increase your pace, either with the same weight or heavier.
- Make the movements plyometric and use lighter weight. (Put in a hop/jump.)
- Keep the weight the same and make it plyometric.
- Change into V-ups or star sit-ups. (Both of which can be body weight, or weighted.)