Oh hey HEAT fam! Lil Sarah here, and I'm bringing your next WOW to ya!

This week we'll be using unilateral movements to really focus on the muscle group that we want to be working. When using both sides at the same time, it is very easy to compensate by making the exercise a total body movement when we get tired. Each exercise will only need one DB. Try to pay close attention to how each muscle is engaging, and then take that into consideration the next time you do that same exercise with both sides of your body simultaneously.

What you'll need: DB, and a bench. The exercises on the bench can also be done on the ground if you don't have one.

How long: 30-35 min

Warm up: 2 full rounds

25 press jacks
15 inchworm push-ups
15 sit-up to press
20 plank row

The workout: Complete 10 reps on the right, then 10 on the left, unless it is alternating, then do 20 reps total alternating between the right and left. 4 full rounds.

DB military press
Chest press
Alt. bent over row
Sit-up and reach (Keep the arm with the DB extended through all 10 sit-ups, then switch sides. When you are at the bottom of the sit-up, the DB should be over your chest, and when you sit up, the DB should be extended overhead.)