Hola HEAT fam! Dr. Maria here with your next WOW! A while back, when the 300 movie came out, the 300-style workouts became quite popular and for a good reason because they are quite brutal and do add a nice variety to any workout routine. They might not be the new hip workout right now but they still kick some serious bootie, which in the case of this WOW has a literal meaning, because the bootie is my favorite body part (who’s isn’t it, right?) and this 300-style workout will be all about the bootie. So if you haven’t tried one of these out, welcome! You’re going to love it, hate it, love it!!!


The premise is to complete 300 repetitions of a set number of exercises back to back, with little to no rest.

How Long: However long it takes you to complete the 300 repetitions.

What You'll Need: Nothing. I’m making it super simple for you so you don’t have any excuses.

Progression: If you like to make any of these harder, you can always add a weight to the lunges and a band to the kickbacks for added difficulty. Warm-up: 5 minutes of walking or jogging or any other preferred warm-up Cool-down: foam roller and/or stretching The Workout: Perform each exercise 25 times per leg for a total of 50 per exercise.

Complete all of these exercises back to back with little to no rest, which will add up to 300 repetitions total.

Curtsy to Reverse Lunge

Split-Stance Kickback

Curtsy Skaters

Front to Back Lunge


Rainbow Wipers