1 1/2  lb Wild Caught thick-cut cod
2 tsp chili powder
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp cayenne pepper

1 can black beans
1/2 red onion
2 cloves garlic
splash red wine
2 tbsp sofrito
1 tblsp coconut sugar/honey  

White Sauce:
1 6ox vanilla greek yogurt
1 squirt of siracha
1/2 lime juice
1 dash Cumin
1 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
1 tsp finely chopped jalapeno 

Taco Additions:
1  red onion (sliced)
1 green pepper (cut into strips)
1 bag of shredded cabbage
2 tbsp of fresh cilantro (garnish) 
1 bag of fresh (central market makes the best) corn tortillas 

I’d tell you my recipe for it, but then id have to kill you. 
So create or buy any gauc recipe  you like and add to the tacos. 
* Remember this is all optional, but i love how all of this comes together with the fish

Add all spices together  in a medium sized bowl, and add fish to the mix. Keep flipping fish till all parts are covered. Set aside. 

Heat a small sauce pan over medium heat. Then add a drizzle of olive oil, chopped red onion, and garlic. Sauté till translucent. Add entire can, including liquid, of beans into the saucepan. Add sofrito, and cover till the beans come to a boil. Remove top and bring heat down to low. Add the honey/sugar and wine. Have a drink on me while you wait. Cover back up again and cook for 15 min

Add onion and green pepper to a med. high pan and sauté both ingredients till onions are translucent. Set aside in a serving dish once cooked through.  

Next get your grill/or grill pan ready to start making the fish. Set temp to high and add fish, making sure not to crowd the fish to establish even cooking. Cook fish about 2 min per side and add cooked fish to a serving tray. 

To make white sauce just add all ingredients together and thats it. Adjust spiciness, tang, etc to your liking. 

Place your oven on 170 and add your tortillas to a sheet pan and let them sit in the over for 10 min or so just to warm up. 

Grab your tortilla and add guacamole first, if you made/bought some. I like to think of it as the glue that keeps the fish form falling out. Next lay your fish down, add sautéed onions and peppers, cabbage, and now add the beans. Drizzle as much of your white sauce as you want and finish with a sprinkle of fresh chopped cilantro.