What up HEAT fam! Lil Sarah here with another WOW.

We are going to challenge your balance this week! We'll be working with some one-sided movements, and trying to take the weight up as we progress through our sets.

Start your sets out light, and then try to get heavier each set you do. We are not going to be changing your rep count, just the amount of weight you're using. Keep your focus on form, and supporting with your abs. The tighter your abs are, the better your balance will be during these movements.

What you'll need: DB and a box/bench you can sit on, with your thighs parallel to the ground when seated.

Let's get started!

Warmup: 2 full rounds

Body weight single leg (SL) dead lifts - x10 ea side
DB shoulder press - x12
Squat jumps - x20
Leg raises - x20
Mt. climbers - x30 ea side

The workout: Get in 4 full sets. Take your weight up slightly each set.

SL dead lift - x12 ea side

Alt DB shoulder press - x10 ea side (Your starting position is with both DB overhead. Bring one DB down and back up, keeping the other DB overhead. Then do the other side. Focus on not leaning from one side to the other during this movement.)

SL get ups - x12 ea side (Sit down onto a box and come to standing all on one leg. Your first set may need to start body weight.)

High to low boat pose - x15 (When you transition into low boat, don’t let your feet or shoulders touch the ground. High to low = 1 rep.)