Oh hey HEAT peeps! Lil Sarah here with your next HEAT WOW.

Last week we worked on stability and strength. This we are working on strength and explosiveness! You'll be doing supersets that start with a heavy drill and end with a higher intensity drill working the same muscle group.

When you are in your superset, go straight from the heavy into the high intensity movement. Take some time in between sets, as your muscles will start to fatigue.


What you'll need: Heavy DB or barbell, and a challenging height box to jump on

Warm up: Get 3 sets of 10 reps for each drill in. Go up in weight each round.

Bent over row
Chest press

The workout: You'll be doing 6 rounds of each superset, before moving on to the next pair of drills. Take 1-2 minutes of rest in between rounds so you don't have to go down in weight on the heavy drill.

Squats / High box jumps
Bent over row / Inverted row
Lunges / Sprinter jumps
Chest press / Plyometric pushups