Hey hey HEAT friends! Lil Sarah here with a short, yet intense one for ya...

This week's workout is a Tabata workout. For those of you that don't train at a HEAT studio, that means you'll be working as hard as you possibly can for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds, doing 8 sets of this timing. So if you have two exercises, you'll do each one for 4 sets. (You can do them back to back, or alternate them.)

This kind of interval workout will improve not only your aerobic capacity (your "cardio"), but your anaerobic (muscle building) as well. Tabata workouts are also an efficient way to burn calories if you are looking to lean out.

Let's do the dang thang peeps!

What you'll need: Your beautiful self and a KB.

How long: 20 minutes of work!

The workout: Push yourself to the limit during each 20 second set. You want to get to the point that it is not a comfortable zone to work in. Complete rest for 10 seconds and then repeat. 8 rounds of this timing.

KB swings / pushup jacks

SA (single arm) KB push press / goblet squat jumps

KB situp to press / KB reverse chop

Over the KB burpees