What’s up HEAT family! This month’s member spotlight will put a smile on your face.


Team HEAT, meet Happy M. Happy has been part of the fam since 2013. As one of our OG’s, he is KILLIN’ IT in camps and is well connected within our community. Here’s Happy’s HEAT story:

“I was fairly active throughout my childhood and into my early 20's, but I didn't get serious about finding my fitness potential until into my late 20's. I was enrolled in one of those outdoor mega boot camps for a while, but I felt like I had "plateaued" fairly early into my time training with them. I was looking for something more challenging and engaging. Then, I tried my first HEAT Bootcamp in August of 2013, and haven't looked back since. I had finally found the style of workout that suits my lifestyle and a fitness community that feels like home. 


Working in the live music and events industry my entire career, spare time and schedules can be difficult to juggle with a consistent workout routine, but HEAT's schedule works great for me, with several classes to choose from every day of the week. What I love most about HEAT is knowing I'm going to get a killer workout in just an hour, get a ton of work done, and then I'm out -- whereas going to a traditional gym on my own always tends to be a longer time commitment. The trainers are high-energy and personable. The workouts are intense, but achievable. When friends ask what HEAT Bootcamp is like, I often explain that it's the intensity of crossfit without the cult, less risk of injury, and better music/atmosphere. It's the perfect blend of high-intensity interval training and vibe, all for a very reasonable monthly price.


Thanks to HEAT, I'm in the best shape and health of my entire life. Despite having juvenile-onset Type 1 diabetes since I was 8 years old, I've found a balance of exercise, diet, and medication. When I was younger and less fit, I would take upwards of 50-60 units of insulin per day. Now that I'm training regularly at HEAT and being more mindful about my diet, I'm on roughly 30 units per day. I've found that staying fit, with the help of HEAT, has actually gotten me to a point where my body is utilizing my daily injections of insulin at maximum efficiency.”

See, we told you you’d be smiling! Thanks Happy. You are a great addition to the fam!