‘Sup errybody? It’s Coach Cody from HEAT-San Marcos. I just got married a few days ago, so I’m thinking about partnerships a lot these days ; ) Here’s a partner workout that you and a spouse or bestie can do together on your next vacation, or even your honeymoon!

Needs: Some moderate and heavy dumbbells, and a pull up bar. Oh, and some space to sprint : )

Warm up: Let’s start simple. 1 minute of each of the following drills, and perform 2 rounds. You should both move slowly in Round 1 and take some time to stretch every couple of reps. Double that speed in Round 2, and try to move without stopping throughout the whole time interval.

Bodyweight Squats


Bicycle Kicks

Traveling Push Up: perform a push up (could be from the knees for a modification,) then walk your hands 1 arms-length to the left. Perform another pushup, then move back to the right and repeat.

Skater Squats

Workout: So you should be feeling the blood flow by now, but we haven’t really done anything requiring teamwork. Y’all better listen to each other for the rest of this workout! Partner 1 will do the ‘rep-count’ exercise while Partner 2 is doing the ‘waiting’ exercise – this could be an exercise where you ‘hold’ a position, or it’ll be an exercise where you should do as many reps as possible. Partner 1 will start at 30 ‘reps’, then y’all switch. With each successive round, your weights or the difficulty should increase since the ‘rep’ count goes down. Repeat for three sets of exercise.

Rep Count: 30, 20, 10

Rep Count Drill, Station 1


Waiting Drill

Chin-up Hold (try half-way up for a little added difficulty)

Rep Count Drill, Station 2

Goblet Squats

Waiting Drill

Sprint repeats (20m down and back, 3 times. Rest, then repeat until your partner is done!)

Rep Count Drill, Station 3

1 Arm Overhead Press, perform half of the reps on each side

Waiting Drill

Swimmer kicks

May this workout teach y’all patience and understanding, and may it keep your bond strong and everlasting : )