Happy Halloween Team HEAT! Lil Sarah here with a bootylicious partner workout! You can have this one done in under 30 minutes, leaving you plenty of time for trick-or-treating after.

Make sure to get in a solid 5 minute warmup before starting this one. We’re gonna get right to it!

What you’ll need: mini band, DB (or a BB), and a mat

The workout: You and your Boo Thang will be working on two different drills. One partner has the rep count, and will be the timer for the sets. The other partner will work on drill #2 until the rep count drill is completed. Go back and forth with each pair of drills as many times as you can in 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, move to the next pair.

30 lateral banded steps (slow) / banded jumping jacks (fast) - FEEL THE BURN!

20 split squats / fire hydrants (you can do these banded for an added challenge)

25 frog jumps / low pulsing sumo squat (hold on to a DB to take the burn up a notch)

15 RDL’s / weighted single leg glute bridge

40 jump lunges / squat into rear lunge (Perform 1 squat, then 1 rear lunge. Rinse and repeat until your partner hits 40.)

Don’t forget the “good game” pat after this one! You both deserve it…